SPI Interim Management

SPI Interim is a subsidary of Software Personnel International providing Digital and Data driven businesses with the highest calibre Interim Executives covering CTO, CIO, Programme Directors and Technical Consultants. We support companies and candidates throughout the EMEA region, our involvement in current and upcoming projects creates extensive market knowledge, staying up-to-date with the continued technological advances in the industry. 

SPI Interim provides experienced managers for transformation and digital change. Information technology has experienced a fundamental shift in recent years. Mobile, cloud computing, a continuous flow of new products, services and solutions – all of this confronts companies in the information, telecommunications and media industries with the task of constantly repositioning themselves in the context of intensified international competition.

At SPI, we support our clients by providing precisely tailored management resources with extensive IT and industry expertise to reliably solve critical and complex tasks. SPI IT industry experts you to implement ambitious projects reliably and quickly.

Change and transformation: hardware manufacturers, software companies, system integrators, solution providers and corporate IT departments are driving innovation while at the same time being constantly challenged by innovations. In this respect, the demands on IT management have changed radically.

Our Interim Managers support our clients in reliably solving tasks ranging from strategic positioning, restructuring and increasing efficiency to optimizing marketing and sales and implementing complex IT projects.

Through the use of CTOs, CIOs and project and program managers, SPI provides support in both strategy and implementation

  • With clear targets and success orientation
  • Within a tight timeframe
  • With extensive IT and technology expertise
  • With comprehensive market knowledge
  • With deep knowledge of procurement and sales markets

SPI projects include:

  • Systematic change and transformation management with restructuring tasks, remediation and turnaround programs
  • Innovation management in sales as well as service and operation management
  • Further development and management of sourcing strategies
  • Steering complex software developments
  • Development, formation and management of start-ups

For further information, please contact Gary Smith at gary@softwarepersonnel.co.uk